Behind the black mirror

How often do you the know who is behind it?

Hi, nice having you here today 🙂

The black mirrors we are looking at dozens perhaps hundreds or thousands a times per day.

Ever wondered who is he, she… the influenster, that made you made take so many decisions based on their opinions and reviews…

Who is the person…imagining having a coffee tete a tete how the French would put it.

I always imagine stories about the other one at the end of the “line”.

Most of us preaching what we most need encourages me to imagine stories behind the black mirrors.

People having brandies but encouraging me to have tea, anxious people encouraging me to be mindful… and this makes me happy.

They are real, like me, making courage for themselves by encouraging me.. you…

I wonder: what is your story… blue eyes, brown or forest greens ones?


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