How do wishes come true?

Do we need a genie? Do we need a spell? What does it take?

Once we were little and we wished for: toys, sweets.

Then we were teenagers and we wished for: a kiss, a holding hand to make us shiver.

Afterwards here we are: adults, whose wishes from childhood and teenage years came or not really true.

Here we are, all grown up, with wishes that also grew up in dreams.

A young lady in piazza from Milan, dreaming for a beautiful pigeon to come close.

And nothing happened until she fetched some corn and threw it gently upwards.

She took her dream and let her intention free to the world … and here he was.

What if we should treat our dreams as she did with the pigeon?

With our passions and acts instead of the golden corn…

To fly them to see the light of the day, for our intention to be clear and us fulfilling our passions to complete it?

Maybe all all it takes is courage, trust and a little bit of magic.


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