Why traveling to Italy: intro

Another year, where to?

Italy of course! Again? Why?

Because this is my Italy, the 2018 version, through my lenses of both camera and feelings.

If you are new here, allow me telling you I’ve done a 2017 series also, structured per visited places (Firenze, Venezia, San Gimignano, Pisa, Portofino, Cinque Terre).

In that series I dearly  love, I was the turist for the first time on Roman soil, amazed by everything.

This year though, after getting back home, after the camera cooled down and after my feet were not swollen anymore, I planned how to share to you my experience.

This time will be unfolding itself as: food, spritzes and caffee, people, love, art, “dolce far niente”, and .. ordinary at art of extraordinary.

These will be articles about how Italy makes one “feel” the above, how it embraces him with all she has to offer.

I chose this hearty approach of writing  because if you google “Why travelling to Italy” most of the  articles one finds are very specific: lists, itineraries, tops of places to be checked… Not a doubt they get really handy when in need, and all my appreciation to them.

Yet… very rare the articles that could transmit the reader… the experience.

The mood, the scents.. to make him daydreaming of once getting there to try every bit and bob.

So, I am embarking in this challenge, hoping that with you by my side.

Hoping you will love reading it as much as i will love writing it.

Your sincerely, 2018 lover of Italy: Andreea.


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