Why traveling to Italy: food

And If Italy isn’t “Eataly”… then we all have a big problem.

Should I recommend you the vegan,  lactose free, “all things free” places in which you could eat?

I could, because they do exist.

I bet they are great, but i must confess: I took the photo and ran down the hills, to the places with real food.

Go ahead please and do ask me how you get to them, so i can aswer: by smelling.

Following a sense we have since forever I got to a heaven with clouds of fluffy mozarella and buratta, hills of prosciutto crudo and salumi.

A heaven in which the sunset is made of sun dried cherry tomatoes, falling over some fragrant potent pecorino.

Oh, did I mention all kinds of freshly baked focaccias, panninis? Yes, those too..

Moving over to lunch lets say… how about a pizza I wondered.

A pizza made with home made tomato juice, prosciutto and parmesan flakes.

A simple one, laughing at my senses when I took  the first bite and realized “Oh my God, is this what pizza is all about”? Yes , it is.

No worry for dinners, although most lovely trattorias are the ones from family bussinesses and those usually open up for dinner after 7pm.

If pizza for lunch wouldn’t it be a delicious pair for pasta at dinner?

And they do take pasta making very seriously. Just as you may have heard already.

Pairing that with a crisp Merlot, to wash away the sweetness of the lobster here there was: the beautiful end of an “eatalian day”.

All their passion for the food has a “home”: their literelly home and … the market.

Their markets are a feast for the eyes and the senses.

Fresh produce, Italian spirit to sell them , and buyers who seem to have all the time in the world to find that perfect something, being it funghi porcini or the Modena original aceto balsamico (balsamic vinegar).

And now… what else can result from such passion if not the mere soul of Italy itself?

Rather tasty, isn’t it?


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