Traveling to Italy: coffee and spritzes

“Un caffee per favore! ”

And the day begins.

“Un caffee” is what Italians refer to an espresso… because let’s face it, espresso is “the holy definition ” of coffee.

And they do not fool  around: a tiny cup with 60 ml of the best, strongest and creamiest coffees of them all.

I slowly take a sip and it’s like I live the moments when each bean has been harvested and roasted.

Coffee has in Italy a social meaning to people:  I see crowds  waiting for their coffee and cappuccino in a joyful peace, just like they are anticipating the magic liquor they are about to receive.

And because almost everything starts with it, so were these two I’m about to tell you about.

Being in Italy, I tried all kinds of gelato and other ice creams for a boost of freshness when heat was almost overbearing.

So it was this amazing ice cream sprinkled with with coffee syrup and drowned inamaretto, enjoyed as an escape in Piazza San Marco in Venezia.

And if I thought that was the best, here i was in a peaceful day in Modena, when this amazing “crema di caffee” stepped in.

How is it? Well, imagine one   espresso frozen and “fluffed up” until he couldn’t take it anymore.

That was a dream, caressing my tasting buds while i served it one teaspoon at a time, wishing it would have never ended.

Just like coffee is a religion, so it’s spending time with friends and family and enjoying their most famous.. Aperol spritz.

Ice cold, prosecco fizzing with a burst of volcano like color which reminded again that life is to be enjoyed one sip at a time.

Never rushing the days but tasting each one of them.

I hope you are doing this right this moment, while reading these lines.


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