Traveling to Italy: art

One can never claim to have seen it all in Italy.

An art lover would go a million times to Italy and fall in love with her a billion times.

I haven’t visited Milan until this summer.

And if everybody praises Milan for the amazing shopping offers, I praise it for the amazing art of the shopping location.

It felt like I stepped in a top class museum, without paying a dime, and yet allowed to be dazzled by such a beauty.

Time seemed to vanish and I just resumed to breath in all the beauty.

And if I haven’t visited Milan before, I did see Venice last year, and I simply couldn’t get enough of her.

So, this year, I went again straight for Piazza San Marco, on the channels, knowing what I expected for.

All the beauty from Piazza San Marco made me wonder how mankind was able to create such masterpieces when all was so rudimentary.

I still have my doubts, that by the time I am writing these lines, people could build such edifices..

Those almost laced statues telling a story of themselves, by the mere passion and imagination of people who conceived  in their minds such a project.

Buildings   are indeed breathtaking on the Roman soil, the same soil on which Enzo Ferrari dreamed of, and created his brand.

First I considered visiting only the Ferrari  museum from Modena, but under a glimpse of inspiration, I paid for the full experince: both Ferrari museums (form Modena and Maranello). That was the best decision of the day.

I was proved again what talent, hard work, a vision, and a brave man can acquire.

I felt that Ferrari is not only a top notch brand as we know, but Ferrari is art at its finest.

From the elegant and  fancy road cars way to the “fireball” cars they have in the Formulas.

I left the museums happy, inspired and ready for more beauty.

And of course, I didn’t have to wait too much. At all in fact.

And this is because artists express themselves on the streets singing out loud their stories, crying out their passions.

And i could see it in their eyes that they were not to be stopped.

One can not stop art from flooding freely.  Not when it inspires so many people.

Art united as all, no matter of ethnicity, religion or civil status.

We were all there breathing and taking Italy deep inside us.


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