Traveling to Italy: love

Type this on Instagram, please: LOVE.

There are more that 1 billion posts in this right moment .

Imagine how many years we would need to spend getting through all of them.. years in which other new  billions would see the light of day.

Italy is an incurable romantic: if some come for finding love, others come for celebrating love, and others to fall in love with Italy herself.

Thousands of love letters from trembling hands of lovers, millions of love notes form all around the world.

When taking the photo I had a feeling of being hugged by all those people who came here to write these.

I felt hugged by them while they whispered to me their love stories .

Thousands of “love locks” to mark their willing to keep the fire burning, the time to stay still in this sweet Italian surrender.

And yet time flows, we go with the flow: we date, we marry, we stay together or we get separated … everything changes, nothing stays the same, not even the Colosseum.

Venice always shows that people could have many faces. While love only asks for one: for the real self.

Italy taught me the warmth, the good, and in her secret ways she exemplified how whatever we put out there will come back to us. It’s just a matter of time.

The good or the bad, the love or the lack of it … they all come back.

Most of the people visiting it, like me send out good vibes her way, these vibes also turn Italy into a beautiful host and she embraces us all with her goodness… from love.

See? Karma always works.


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