Autumnal evenings

Autumnal is a word so dear to my heart.

It is more than a mere word just because it describes a mood, a state that encapsulates in it all autumn related things.

And most of it: the coziness.

Days getting shorter invite evenings to gently sneak into our homes.

I welcome evening in my living room by turning on these lights almost to invite and guide evening’s steps all the way.

Evening most usually finds me snuggled on the couch, with a good book.

And since a good book is always a most welcomed company, tea is almost always a must.

Fresh peppermint or balmy chamomile, dispersing the scented vapors in the room make time standing still and me transporting into the world of the  book I read.

The lights gently remind me where to come back when finishing reading.

All these can be completed to perfection by a light rain outside, with the raindrops pouring in the same pace as the words are unveiling one by one, second after second.

All into an autumnal, random, but oh so special evening.

I am always curious how other people are enjoying autumn… what are their special treats in the evening.

I could imagine a different scenario for each and one of the people I’m thinking of, having the mug between my hands and feeling her warmth.

Yes, because my mug is at least as magic as autumn herself.

How are you this autumn?


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