An October thought

Thursday evening, October 4th.

Three working days spent properly and Friday tomorrow.

What about pouring a glass of red wine and bathe into this light?

Golden, soothing, warm light from the very heart of autumn herself.

There are these moments, the simplest possible in which we rediscover ourselves.

It’s like we mostly can here our own thoughts without any disruption.

No phone calls, no one calling our names.

A bliss of silence.

Times for us to enjoy our own company, time for questions and answers or that time of total surrender.

Surrendering to dream, allowing to feel like all our dreams did come true and we are at our peak in life.

Surrendering to that feeling of wholeness.

A magical feeling, just like sun slowly going down, to get in touch with himself too.

Dusk is magic, and when embraced by this spectacular glow almost anything seems possible.

Have you had your share of magic today? Have you listened to yourself?

Trust me, you deserve spending quality time with you.

Perhaps over a glass of wine like me, or why not a tea or some hot chocolate?

It’s magical Autumnal October …



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