Welcome back to “La Cuptor”- part 1

Yes, the best Romanian restaurant ever.

Arrived in Sibiu a couple of hours ago and what a better place to feel at home if not.. “La Cuptor”.

Remember me visiting and reviewing it last year?

Yes, the story continues in a festive decor, but with the same warmth and smiles from the lovely guys from this amazing location.

So many dishes I remembered about but guess what? I wanted something new tonight and … I chose: duck breast with mango sauce, joined by a creamy black rice.

I mean, really, it this is not a culinary work of art, then what is?

It’s a dish where the tenderness of the meat joins the crisp parmigiana taste that topped the al denote black rice.

And the mango sauce… wow… my tasting buds are still in heaven.

Can’t wait to come back the next days and keep you updated.

Thank you, La Cuptor family 😉


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