Welcome back to “La Cuptor”- part 2

This is the real oven, from the “La Cuptor” (At the Oven)

The “birth place ” of almost all the goodies that the restaurant prepares for its guests.

The second visit brought me lots of dilemmas. That is because I had dishes I loved and wanted to taste again… yet… what about trying other delicious dishes.

Say no more.

We arrived around 2 pm, after hours of walking in the crisp air of the Astra Museum of Traditional Folk Civilization, we were cold and genuinely starving.

So we started with some fiery plum brandy from Bran in order for us to get some inspiration for the appetizers.

Last year we had some beef mallow which was… dreamy.

We ordered it again because, do I need to say I am just mouthwatering only looking at this?

If you never tried beef mallow cooked in the oven with coarse salt, garlic and seasoned with toast and a spicy pepper, then please do… but here, “La Cuptor” (At the Oven).

I never said that this was the only appetizer. That is because we tried something new today: pork ears cooked in sauce and with a tasty buttery bread seasoned with garlic.

I almost never say no to try new stuff: so pork ears sounded intriguing and it was an amazing choice indeed, and I would always recommend it.

After such a tasty and rich appetizer, a light soup followed.

I never had onion soup and at “La Cuptor” was the best moment: gratin onion soup…

A cozy soup for a cold day, that comforted and wanted me to go for more.

So, a next visit will follow and I am the most thrilled to share it with you.

Meanwhile, come to Sibiu, enjoy yourselves at “La Cuptor”, in Sibiu, Romania.


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