Be gentle with yourself

And what if you are enough? Just for being you

Yes, you haven’t had the time to consider it since you’ve been so busy with all this social media craziness.

You wake up in the morning, have your coffees, drive to work and your breaks  on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr… take your pick.

The apps are so sneaky that they offer you “the incredible chance” to stay logged in all the time.

Logged in into the world of shoulds: how you should look like, should behave, should think, should talk… and all these while you should multitask.

Are you tired yet?

While being explained  black on white how  the pressure builds up? To the so acclaimed .. best version on yourself?

You heard this before, and perhaps this should get your feet back into the real, authentic,   life: be gentle with yourself.

If you are, and sincerely appreciate yourself, accept yourself… the light and the dark, the bitter and the sweet and the million shades of grey in between… then you’ll breath again.

Look in the mirror gently, trying to see the real you, don’t project dozens of kaleidoscopic  images  which don’t fit you at all.

Be gentle and task one at a time, but totally in the moment.

Not encouraging procrastination here, but hey, one at a time, one in 365 days let’s hope.

Try it… let’s go back to the bases. This is how humanity got here.

And remember.. you are already awesome for your authenticity.

I truly believe that if you realize this and love this about yourself this will be the only image you will project out there and we will all see it.


Be gentle and finally almost all of us  will be the same way with you.

Almost… we need to stay true: the world is not perfect, not even her 🙂










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