A wild goat called “The Mind”

Our mind is like a wild goat.

We can  do the laughing and mocking but hey, we need  to try being open minded to the lines to follow.

I had this sudden revelation a few days ago when explaining a friend my opinion on  how misbehaving our mind is.

We are looking amazed at kids with ADHD when most of their parents have the same issue, but their minds are too busy to acknowledge that.

I know that most of us, if needed to stay focused on reading straight 10 pages  for example will fail.

As simple as that.

Suddenly we will remember the most random things: we need  water, food, we get uncomfortable, we remember missing doing zillions of other things.

In fact it’s our mind- this wild goat running freely the fields and dragging us from here to there in a matter of seconds.

Really now… how many of us read what I wrote without having some parallel thoughts in between?

See? This wild goat- the mind-  is running us instead of us leading it.


I felt this restlessness a few years ago, couldn’t see or understand it it as clear as now.

But I felt the urge to get to the bottom of it because it was me about me.

So lots of reading, books leading to other books, meditations and more reading.

I can say that reading opens my mind on various theories, keeps  me in the moment page by page , day by day.

Now I can dive into a book and not hear the world around.

That’s when my goat stays still , and it’s me pointing the direction.

I won’t tell you that I mastered it… no, it’s a life long journey and I’m in for the long haul because it’s about me .

My mind, as my goat as I referred to, has its  moments of absolutely wondering and I learned to recognize those but to be able to put get back on track.

It’s an ongoing process, I keep on reading, making time for meditation, and all just for me to live happily and in peace with my mind.


I wonder though how each of you feels regarding your own inner world, thoughts and minds.

What’s your comparison…


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