All about love

In the end it’s all about love .

Has it ever crossed your mind that we own each breath to love?

It all started with the the love of our parents because otherwise we’d be only wishful thinking, not even atoms.

Going further, after that breath we struggle for our lives to keep going.

We love life and being alive. We try as much as we can doing what we love, with whom we love.

If we’re craving like crazy for an ice cream what are our words of choice?

Yup… “I’d love an ice cream”.

And we do that because we are absolutely in love with a good spent summer day, with life itself spoiling us.

We have plants, we have pets, we feed the pigeons and that fuels our hearts with the one and only fuel we need: love.

At the end of our best days and most of all at the end of our worse ones, heads up.

We are loved.. be it by a plant, a spouse or a furry cat or a neighbor who secretly admires us for some time.

Don’t you think it’s all about love?



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