How to write

And there it comes: 2.540.000.000 results in 0.38 seconds  on our reliable friend, Google.

And guess what, my post  will be the 2.540.000.001 answer 🙂


I was asking for an answer  for a week straight.

To brief you into my experience I can tell you this: this week I read an entire Cambridge course  which I absolutely loved, I read a book which serves as a writing coach, and even skimmed  one about the famous writers of our times.

After so much self teaching I must be honest and confess that I was feeling breathless.

And to get some air, I just needed to read again, I mean a proper reading … so back to my first real love “Harry Potter” series.

That is where I found it. Into my own being.

And you can call it a romantic, or cheesy  answer perhaps, but this is my truth: I just need to grab a pen or a keyboard and simply write for 5 minutes non stop.

Then the magic happens: an abundance of ideas emerge, and worlds that I didn’t even knew existed inside of me come to light.

I found that a blank sheet of paper is a brand new chance, a brand new world in which I  breath life into.

I can create and there are simply no barriers.

I found that after 5 minutes of  continuous writing come more minutes of analyzing and learning step by step things about structure, order, characters .

But  I couldn’t apply writing techniques to a blank sheet of paper, right?

So, how to write , for me has the most basic answer: pen, keyboard, and 5 minutes, no matter the topic.

Yup, it’s that simple and that scary.


We don’t need to procrastinate anymore into zillions of Google pages when we can just .. write.


Like me, now…






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