On your feet

There’s is never too early and there will never be too late to be on your feet.

Not only financially, and yet it is time for you to take the leap and have your job, your thing, your home, the love- yes, that love.

It is time for you to stand for yourself and your beliefs: shamelessly and ruthlessly.

You owe this to yourself , to the person you are.

The person shaped by the books you read, and shows that you watch , by the music you listen to, by the people that surrounds you.

You were born like soft soil that is crossed by rivers that shape you all throughout your journey.

Stand up tall for yourself, as a mountain does.

And be proud of all that makes you great, and all that makes you tender.

Say “I love you” without second thoughts, give second chances without regrets, do believe in good even when it’s bad and all of these while on your feet, looking life straight in the eyes.

Standing up for yourself and honoring yourself are probably the truest things you can do while having this journey called life .


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