I take the stairs

We need the power of contrasts.

Just as we need gloomy days in order to appreciate sunny days, we need to encounter that sort of people who make us value the true humans around us.

I’ve lived for more than 20 years of my life at the 8th floor and most of the time I took the elevator to get there.

As you can imagine not few were the occasions when it broke and I had to take the stairs.

The difference between me and one who never got the stairs is that I always knew what lies in between : the light, the neighbors, the scents.

I worked for getting to the 8th floor but each time I reached it I appreciated it more. The arrival.

I like to think of myself that I learn each day from life, from people around me.

As I perceive them: better people or worse people. Honest people or sneaky people.

And I see, I hear, I read between many lines and I know: some take the elevator to achieve success and others take the stairs.

Who is to judge? No one, but I am the stairs type in this one also.

I do not pray for the elevator of success to stop tonight with all it’s prizes at my door: I realize I am not ready.

I need to keep on writing more, observing more, photographing more, absorbing more of the universe itself.

The one that takes the elevator won’t ever see the beauties, won’t ever meet the people I meet.

This is the person inside whom sparks of joy do not happen.

I like to enthusiastically jump out of bed to take a photo or to write a piece, and later in the evening to know I am true to myself.

To recognize myself each time i reflect my image in a mirror.

One stair at a time… and I know it will take time.

But when I will get there I will be prepared for it all because I have lived and loved it all even before having it.

I don’t believe and I do stay away from shortcuts to success… as the name says .. they are “short”.

Perhaps short is from short to attain and short to last.

What is your choice today?



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