Good vibes, good day

How did you start your morning today?

Was it in a rush cursing the weather, the traffic, or the toaster for burning out your bread?

Have you considered that you could change your morning moods in the blink of an eye?

I tested it and I know it is true in practice, it works.

I found that the pace in which I start my morning is the pace I that will be surrounding me all day long.

I started my morning in a bit of a hurry but then, I met a person whom I longed to see for quite some time.

So I put my hurry aside and engaged in such a nice, face to face conversation.

Yes, we need genuine conversations and not only messengers and texts and media… that old school conversation starting with “How are you today?”.

Mine lasted a few minutes, but each of them mattered.

It mattered because I could show the other person both my sincere care and sympathy.

A person who just had some rough months and who needed a cheer, a warm hand on the shoulder confirming that after each storm rainbow shows up.

A person who needed kindness most of all and me who felt amazing for just being there, selfishly helping another.

I realized that kindness costs nothing but is absolutely everything for both giver and receiver.

Filled with gratitude, hope, joy and with the promise of today being a great day.

This was my vibe today.



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