Why reading

The magic world of a book pours her universe into yours the moment you give her a chance.

As I have a blog of course I write, more or less frequently, more or less inspired.

And in order to do so, I photograph and observe and of course… I read.

I discovered that the more I write the more acute is the urge to read.

To read everything educational, inspirational and fiction wise.

It’s like when I’m writing I’m submerged into my own creative universe , and when I read I breath in new material.

It comes naturally, just like real life breathing: I just do it.

Reading was always my best movie: when reading it’s like I’m creating a virtual film.

I open a book and I can hear the author, meet the characters and shape them under my believes and preferences, I can feel the thrill and the blood running through my veins as the climax of the book approaches.

With it being such an intense and interactive activity with oneself, I can not stop wondering: why is people not reading anymore like back in the day?

Why aren’t teenagers curious about new worlds and other mentalities than their own, why aren’t the grown ups willing to cut off web browsing time in order to focus their minds on something that can really smooth their day and add value to it and to their lives?

I do browse the web daily, and have a job that has me communicating worldwide in front of a pc.

And I do appreciate the efficiency of looking for news, fact and informations online.

It’s less time and resource consuming than taking a tram and going downtown to a library to make a research.

But: It’s when I’m home, in silence , when opening a book when I absolutely feel I’m slowing down and when I make time for my creativity and relaxation: the most personal me time.

And yes, I indulge into the moment by adding the warmth of a tea or perhaps the sweetness of a chocolate bar.

Reading is not a chore, is not a must: it’s your and my chance to live an amount of lives which not even in dreams we’d be able to.

Do give books a chance, give yourself a chance and grab one today.

So little time in this life and so many books ….



  1. There’s nothing like opening and reading a paper book. And I love the way old books smell. Do you like to write in your books when you read, or do you like to keep them nice and clean?


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