History in the making: fire at Notre Dame

Yesterday a page of history was written. In fiery words.

Notre Dame cathedral was on fire .

An entire world watching hypnotized and breathless the news with the unreal images.

I never had a chance of visiting it but i understood all the nuances of her fire.

Like a fiery spring sky so was she.

Shivers went through my body remembering in such a fast pace history lessons, I had flashes from movies, from books.

Isn’t it strange yet fascinated how bonded we can feel to some places although never getting there?

And so I realized something.

Notre Dame’s legacy might be just this: gathering people altogether, in an almost timeless manner.

For a moment last night we were all naked of our selfishness and bowed.

To the beauty, to the craftsmanship, to the people from centuries ago whose work is unattainable even today.

Notre Dame teaches us beyond time and art to be united in love, in strength, to stand tall for us and our principles.

This is what makes her imortal no matter the damages.

And we have the power of making anything immortal when nesting it in our hearts.

With the French people in my heart tonight I dedicate this post to them.


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