Today is our special day. Each day.

Because today is all we have for now, and tomorrow is a dream, a hope, it’s no deal, no promise.

And since we only have today it would be a good start for us to look at the world around us like the first and the last time.

With the curiosity of a child who is thirsty for understanding it all and with the wisdom of the elders .

It is us who add value to today: we can see it as magnificent as we allow it to be , or as hard as we doom it.

No day is common and each of it should be cherished . It’s a new chance we are given.

In my photo you can see the sun and it’s reflection , but for me it was “the magic day with 2 suns” .

This was my magic perception of the day.

Me, as you , am free to see the word however I choose to.

So I chose it to see it as magic, as if anything can happen because each day is unique.

Now , what will you make out of your today?



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