How to take a good photo?

I can not remember how many times I was asked that.

I am not a professional, yet an amateur in love with photography.

In love with the subjects I find and with the stories I see or imagine about them.

What is my answer?

A sincere smile, from the heart and the statement which I believe in: there is no recipe for a good photography.

Firstly because “good” or “beautiful” are so subjective.

They differ between me and you who are reading this, extend this to all people in the world.

But I was asking myself what makes people to choose me asking this and I think I have an answer.

When you’ll meet me taking photos I’ll have my Sony camera in my left hand and my iPhone for its camera in my right hand.

I am so in the moment and sooooo enthusiastic in taking my photos that sometimes I after using the Sony I desperately need to have it on my iPhone for an instant sharing on social media.

I feel that beauty can not be contained until getting to export all photos and I want for people to see it. To witness a moment of beauty and joy.

And this brings me to the second reason for which in my opinion no recipe for a good photography.

A perfect photo in terms of settings, technical use of the equipment, an overall studied photo for me… in most of the cases kills the joy.

When you see the sparkling eyes of your puppy happy to meet you after a long day and you take a snap with your phone, it might be the most amazing photo from your life.

But if you take your puppy to a studio you might obtain a plain regular photo.

Because the moment of joy doesn’t wait for all the settings, all the conditions to be perfect.

It’s there: gut feeling, emotions: click!!!

That’s why I believe that the best camera is the one you have with you permanently and that can serve you in seconds.

I am happy to share the happiness photography brings me through this blog and my sharing on social media.

I am happy because in these times of craziness I can show people bits of beauty through my eyes.

Do stop me and ask me and I am delighted to answer you. Do stop me and ask me to take you a photo on the street and I will do it.

Because I understand: those are your unique moments of emotion and passion: i am honored to be a part of it.

What will you be shooting next?


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