The “not to do” list

There was a time when “to do lists” were the bomb.

We had these lists from the fridge’s door to the desktop of our computers.

And now here it comes: “the not to do list”.

I find this concept more self loving.

If the “to do list” is full of endeavors , the “not to do list” is a list about our rights, about the boundaries we set in order to protect ourselves.

At this point of my life I came up with this “not to do” list:

1. Not being authentic.

The world is full of copies , and I choose my own voice, vision and approach to life.

2. Not being true to myself.

When looking myself in the eye I need honesty, towards my choices and deeds.

3. Not asking for what i deserve.

I will ask for what i think I deserve, because if I don’t ask the answer will be always “no”.

4. Not looking people in the eye.

I am not afraid of looking you into the eye because I give you the same respect I ask back for myself.

5. Not believing in my success.

This would be a drama, because I already have it, and I add to it daily.

6. Not giving a chance to my dreams.

My dreams got a chance since the first time I saw them in my horizon. And I keep them alive through my passions.

7. Not loving my body.

My body and I are stuck and bond for this life. Complaints won’t favor any of us. Loving each other can only empower us.

8. Not looking back with “what if’s” but with gratitude.

Looking back is like “a lesson learned”. Past decisions were taken considering the reality of that past time.

It’s like we condemn a person for a felony committed 30 years ago just because today’s society invented a new law.

9. Not worrying for the future since it doesn’t exist

What is the future and how long is it? Not knowing these and me not having a chance in controlling it makes me not worry for it.

10. Not having “to do lists” 😉



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