Having my cup full

I don’t know how what I’m going to tell you is treated in your part of the world.

Yet here, “being full of yourself” is not seen well.

Perhaps people do not think of this more maturely and trying to dissect somehow the words.

I am talking here about a healthy “fullness”.

A full self, in my opinion is a self that trusts in itself .

So if me for instance , am full of myself this should be good.

Because it means I got to know myself better, got to know both my targets and my limits and that in between them I am full.

Of confidence, of trust, of creativity, gratefulness.

And when being full of myself … having my cup full.. then I can be around you, and support you in you getting your own cup full.

I learn on a daily basis that we can not share unless we own.

And if I spill my cup to others today, tomorrow I will have it refilled by the quality people from my life who are spilling theirs over me.

And the cycle goes on and grows on.

It’s beautiful to support each other grow into more self love, self confidence and self empowerment.

Are you full of yourself ?



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