“Widen your world”

This was taken last week,  on my Istanbul- Bucharest flight , when getting back home from my holidays in Turkey.

And this time, I will write about my travel experience some kind of backwards.

And if you  wonder how is that , is by starting with the main conclusion.

The one I was  given on the display from the airplane: “widen your world”.

Call it faith or.. sincronicity.. what were  the odds that the flying company’s motto to fit perfectly?

So, after the plane took off, I gazed into the clouds and  digged into this message.

Each time after I return from a holiday abroad I feel that I filled myself up. And that I want and need more of that.

Seeing new places, meeting new people is something that absolutely fascinates me.

I have an unbelievable   thirst for it, so that when getting off a plane I would get back in another in a blink of an eye.

This trip was caught on a thousand photos on my camera and some hundreds on my phone.

I am grateful to photography that it taught me and teaches me to see, to observe, to catch this world  in my photos just as it feels to me.

Turkey added a great deal to my world and taught me things I’ll share with you.

It took me a week to think how will I start writing about it, because it was all overwhelming.

And here I am now, having a clue, and I will keep on working on this trip photos so that some rich posts will follow.


Until then: widen your world, say yes to opportunities. This is my motto, and I am planning to follow it.






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