Visiting Istanbul: fast, busy, charming

Planned on visiting Istanbul for quite some time and it happened.

And since Atatürk airport closed a while ago , landed on the brand new Havalimani Airport.

It’s huge, but fresh and welcoming, just like a promise that you’re in good hands.

The hands of Istanbul.

In my case no pre arranged transfer from the airport to my hotel in Sultanahmet area.

But guess what? It was perfect.

Their bus system is fantastic: smart, clean, efficient.

From the plane to the bus into the city where wow… You are instantly taught what traffic jam or crowds of people really are.

Here the old town crowds:

Don’t mind them or the tiny streets, cabs and huge busses simply slip through them all like nobody’s business:

And if you want crossing the city like a local, just buy an Istanbul card (Istanbulkart).

That can be used for everything included in public transport (buses, tramways, funiculars, boats even).

You deposit some money on it and jump for example in the long colorful tramways that look like gummy caterpillars.


And if a my gummy caterpillar was not attractive enough, how about a short trip with this baby?

And yet, whatever you do, when and if you get to Taksim, their new part of the city, the crowd changes.

A younger, passionate one, one from which you can feel true energy and the courage for change.

And yet, here in Taksim all these young people don’t lose tradition and keep this amazing red jewel:

It simply pops up in the street and magic occurs.

After so many trams, busses, crowds perhaps in the evening you’d think of escaping to a short trip on Marmara sea to chill even more.

That’s an amazing idea because the boats and landscapes are so worthwhile.

You can focus on breathing in the beauty and let every other thought washed away by the calm tides.

Trust me: I am writing this post with a huge smile on my face and sipping from my Turkish tea from my Turkish tulip glasses.

Should I even say that I can’t wait to write more about my experience in Istanbul?

Well, keep close and I’ll be back with a new piece .


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