Transylvania: The Corvin Castle

Tranylvania (in Romania) is like this huge magnet for tourists from all over the world.

If not for for its myths then for its medieval castles and wonderful traditions.

And today I am taking you with me through The Corvins Castle/ Hunyadi Castle.

The most well preserved medieval castle from Transylvania, built in the 14th century in a full gothic architecture.

And we will stop here with the theory because the last thing I said was “gothic architecture”.

But not only the architecture was gothic.

It can easily be used as a set for “The beauty and the beast” story.

I will show you, in photos why I sensed it as being a castle of contrasts: the rich and the poor, the good and the bad.

It was not hard imagining fine banquest being held here, with all the honors and intrigues.

And in the mornings, how the high class ladies enjoyed zooming the suroundings from the insides of the thick walled castle, keeping them safe from the outward world..

Long afternoons used for choosing the outfits for the evening to come: selecting from the finest silks, to sweeten up some bitter realities .

Because just below, on abrupt stairs, and dark hallways, things were far less glamorous and much more cruel.

In their own castle, whom to protect them for evil, from cold hearted people?

Life was not easy in medieval ages, people were not easy in their manners or in their ways in attaining different pursuits.

No matter how many candles burnt out to bring light to the dark ages, there were places where light never reached.

Not always people was patient enough in finding how their peers acted, so no surprise that in the hidden black rooms a painful truth was born: torture.

Looking at these could not ask myself: how to produce tools with wich to inflict pain on other people?

Masks to be heated in fire and applied to the prisoners’s faces, or to screw their eyes inwards.

This is not imagination, yet it was other people’s nightmare and reality.

Dozens of torture methods, one meaner and more horrifying than the other.

Forcing people to confess their sins, or worse.. things they were not guilty at all just confessing whatever for gaining freedom.

It’s mindblowing when you study their expressions and try to relive these glimpses of history.

It’s revolting to see faces of authority who perhaps could have stopped it , and yet they chose the other way around.

Trust me: this is a castle to be seen. Not all enveloped in milk and honey, fairies and princes.

A true castle, giving us the ultimate universal history lesson.

A lesson about people, humanity and the lack of it.

A “not to do” history lesson, which to make us appreciate our health, our rights, our freedom.

This is a reminder that we should always be pro peace and not anti war, standing up for both ourselves and for the weak ones who can not see the light just yet.

The Corvin Castle will imbue into yourself, like a living entity.

You will leave from there richer than you entered, ready to overflow with humanity onto the others.



  1. Take a deep breath…..and again. Wow! Because Of what you show here, people can relate better of how it realy was like. O my, i’ve never seen those torture methods before in my life. It felt a little bit to me like I was wondering around in one of my passed lifesAnd this castle kept the real darkness out of mankind from those days. Thank you for teaching this reality with the pro photography in your article- I hope that it also find more platfroms so that people can see what a fantasy castle remains underneath πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’»πŸ™πŸ» Thank you so much 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yesss… we need to be aware what it was back then and try never to walk on those tracks again. Being human is something we need to be remembered in this age of so much technology. In order that our ages never to be β€œdark” again. Thank you for the lovely comment. So happy you liked it πŸ™πŸ€—πŸ˜‡


  2. “A lesson about people, humanity and the lack of it.”

    That sentence is so captivating and holds so much truth; it sums up the essence of this well written piece.
    Drea, you have done it again. By taking us with you in this journey and making us take part of the history. You depicted the contrast so eloquently and managed to bring to life that “ancient” story. As usual the pictures go hand in hand with the words, displaying the facts as in a movie. You are a great storyteller.
    Thanks for the sharing the knowledge

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