Cruises for the soul, body and mind

No wonder sea has always been a muse, an enchanter and a soother.

For the millions of boats and billions of souls zig-zagging her mysterious “paths”.

Looking through my photo collection for this post I realized that each holiday I’m in includes at some point water and boats.

Visiting Spain some while ago, I found an absolute love for them, and ever since I’ve wanted to be on them.

To enjoy the charm of the smallest ones: in raw contact with the sea underneath, smelling the salt, the algae, according my heart beats to the sound of the waves.

To appreciate the larger ones… never having a limit… for the longer trips, for the new people to meet and amazing places to explore, thousands of photos from which stories to emerge.

For the silence and the peace of mind that larger ships offer, nowadays, when they are so cherished.

The salty air is itself an appetizer for what is about to come.

These sailing experiences bring to life the finest plates from the most fresh of ingredients.

A perfect blend between the appetite for traveling and food itself.

And when best foods are being at the horizon, the finest of wines are being offered: selections of fresh Cabernets, bright Chardonnays..

You guessed it: from special vineyards and harvests.

All for the ultimate experience for the traveler.

And when in a port, better a coquette one, life begins to have a different pace, conversations get richer, people lighten up, hearts open.

Watches are merely accessories since time is measured by the tidal moves of coming and going and coming and going again…. again, slower…

I invite you to imagine such a great day ending slowly through shades of turquoise waters enveloped in fiery sunsets.

When the sun get milder, the golden hour envelops everything in magic.

Nothing is ordinary anymore, and even oceans become limitless.

Best dreams are at the sunsets, and best locations to fulfill them are … the boats.

Daydreaming already of a new exquisite experience.



  1. Briza proaspătă de mare-apă și alimente mediteraneene face simțurile mele mângâi

    Multumesc 👌🇳🇱 Beautiful journey 🛳 ⚓️

    Liked by 1 person

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