The Ferrari Museum: An Experience

How amazing can it be that after working as a driver for an automotive company, then founding your own, and writing history with it.

That is just what Enzo Ferrari did, after working for Alfa Romeo.

But I need to confess that I found myself in Modena mostly for the balsamnic vinegar, cheese and other Italian delicacies.

Yet being there I was enchanted by Modena town and his people, for whom rush was not a way of living.

And yet, Enzo Ferrari was born in Modena, and in my opinion he invented the “fast” concept, by his automobiles.

The museum has not the clasic shape one thinks when referring to a museum: it looks like a soap bubble.

Entering the museum from 40 celsius is an experience to be remebered: you feel like you’re in the purest air and then you see it and understand: Ferrari welcomes you .

Inside there are so many informative displays, articles, pieces of history to create in the visitor the most accurate mental photo of what and how this story developed.

The tiny models, of wooden cars that challenges mentalities, so carefully crafted put a candid smile on my face.

A film about Ferrari’s craftmanship played, projected on the ceiling and Icould see the man who did it all possible, and for whom all was possible: Enzo.

The film is so full of energy, and so expressive, that no matter the part of the world you’re from you will understand it all by feeing it all.

It’s a powerful lesson about having a dream, a goal, and working hard towards his completion.

The museum also exemplifies the powerful connection Enzo’s cars had and have with the femimine symbols of each era: “ROSSO& ROSSA: women and ferraris- the untold story”.

Cars designed and given to succesful ladies all over the world: elegance, flowing shapes, ambition.

While visiting I found out that this was the Modena wing of the Ferrari museum, and that another wing was the one from Maranello, dedicated as you guessed: to the Formulas cars.

There was no doubt that I had to be there too, so there i went.

I was still driven by Enzo’s energy and I wanted more, just like a Formula 1 driver acceleartes more and more his Ferrari engine.

I could feel the passion people had when drawing the sketches, then building the prototypes and then… setting them free in the world.

I can tell you I was feeling overwhelmed: feeling history unfolding around me by each car I saw.

This is me trying to tell you that it’s worth visiting, having the experinece.

As for me, next time I am on Modena soil I will revisit for sure, to deepen into the experinece.


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