Be Good

What a better time for a piece of wisdom than the week before Christmas?

A week that is absolutely crazy in “shopping land” and all related.

A week in which everybody is searching for anything and buying everything.

And in such a Thursday, a chocolate I opened quoted A.Lincoln like this:

“Whoever you are, be a good person”

And here is the precise AHA moment, when time slows down just  like when you press the breaks of the car.

And it hit me: a GOOD person.

So simple, yet strikingly beautiful and powerful.

Looking around, and deep down inside me I realize that we all need to have this around us, whoever we might be, no matter how good or harsh life may have treated us.

It’s a chain.. my goodness will promote yours and so on.

It’s so easy and it all starts with me and you.

We really need to look more at ourselves and work on ourselves to be good, as good as we can.

Not preoccupying at all with  others: we have our own selves to look after and to create magic.

In fact.. holidays are “the best time of the year” as the Christmas Carol says, just because we are good, better, doing our best.

If we are good, the best tine of the year could be the whole round year.

“Whoever you are, be a good person”… and good will follow… always.


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