Merry XMAS

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Indeed it is.. the most wonderful and magical.

Christmas brings families together, friends together.. it’s so magical because Christmas is about love and “togetherness”.

It promotes warmth and triggers all that is good inside us.. because Christmas memories take us back in time.

To our simple and charming childhood.

To Christmas in countryside, with slow cooked meals and smoked meats, washed by the most spiced mulled wines.

With baked pastries with so much home made butter that only smelling it could make one’s heart skip a beat.

When washing before bed was simple with soap and slightly warm water , without any 12 steps rituals.

And when going to bed meant blankets filled with goose feathers.. so heavy that they seemed cemented feathers.

Heavy blankets for deep heavy sleeps with light dreams.

Santa coming with nuts and oranges, gingerbread and hopes for the same togetherness in the years to come.

Wishing you the most magical and filled with love Christmas ever.



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