Where to eat in Brasov: Dei Frati

I will start by letting you know, that as just the name gives a hint: this is an Italian restaurant, with pasta as specific, and no pizza.

Tried various times when visiting Brasov to get a free table, yet it never happened.

So, this year “made my homework” by booking a week ahead.

And just today, at 1 PM there I was.

A tiny restaurant, filled with people in a home like and relaxed atmosphere.

Where waiters were nice from minute 1 , and where the fresh dishes of the day were recommended warmly.

Glad I went for one of them as first course: mushroom cream soup seasoned with fresh black truffles and thyme.

Dare I say that it was the best of it’s kind I’ve had in a very long time?

I so dare 🙂

The texture so velvety and light in the same time, and the truffle adding an extra oomph.

Coming from a cold day outside, the soup felt like a warm hug.

Strangely, after finishing it, I was craving for some more Italian goodness.

And yes… did I mention pasta in the beginning? Well, these guys make their own pasta.

You name it: ravioli, tagliatelle, rigatoni, farfalle… it’s an art and they successfully master it.

My secondo piati (second dish) for this lunch: homemade rigatoni with fresh Italian sausages.

Oh yes, each of them bathed in a perfectly balanced creamy white sauce, and sprinkled with crispy bits of bacon.

It was absolutely delightful, and I will come back for sure to this tiny culinary gem.

If I recommend visiting? Absolutely.

No wonder here people come and go, and come and go in a crazy rhythm…

Indulge yourself in goodness and do share if you liked is as much too.

Reporting with a happy belly from Brasov,



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