Happy New Year !

2020 from Brasov, Romania. 

January first being a cold morning, all covered by a deafening silence, so much needed after last night craziness.

Here in Romania we believe that the way we start the new year, it’s the way the whole year will be like.

So, if the first day starts with peace, love, health, family and abundance.. well, it will be an amazing year.

Wondering the streets when most of the fellows are sleeping under warm duvets, and smoky chimneys.

I wonder what they are dreaming of… their last resolutions and how they were completed or no, or the future ones.

A city that is resting for a few more hours after which one after the other they will seek for air, nourishment, hugs and socializing…and so the frenzy will begin.

How is your fist day of the new year? 

Are you feeling melancholic for a year passing by or enthusiast for anew beginning?



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