Where to eat in Brasov: Am Rosenanger

Continuing the series of what to eat in Brasov with his tiny gem, that we encountered on a night walk.

The Am Rosenanger, a restaurant specialised in foods from more Northern European countries..

And probably if you read this series so far, you know that all these amazing locations needed reservations ahead.

It was the case for this one, where we could find an empty table in 3 days.

And is it worthy?

Absolutely, but only if: you are verrryyyy hungry or if you love this cuisine.

What we chose today were only two dishes, both delicious.

The famous Jäger schnitzel, topped with a white sauce with mushrooms and white onion.

As much as I tried, believe me that this photo can not express the size of this “beast”.

Didn’t know about its size and ordered a portion of Rosti (the Swiss version of hash browns).

The tender pork schnitzel was one of the best I had, very similar to those served in Austria.

The other dish from the table: fresh Nurnberger sausages with sautéed cabbage.

I tried a little sausage, and they are not on my taste due to some unfamiliar mix of spices.

And yer, it seems they were exactly how the were supposed to be for one familiar with German cuisine.

Yet, the cabbage was like oven baked and home made..absolutely delicious, and that red pepper… “poisonous spicy”.

If you come back from the slopes, or if you are a gourmand, yes, do try this location.

The service is very good, prices reasonable, and after leaving you feel well fed and taken care of.

Reporting from Brasov,



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