Art: as never seen or felt before

Are you up to for  an “out of the box” approach?

Allow me to offer you some context:  I was spending the end of 2019 in Brasov, Romania, and I indulged in daily evening walks.

These walks, in the old city center were special that time of the year for all the decorating that happened on the streets and in the window shops.

It felt like through the crisp air, all the beauty I was witnessing was absorbed in the mere strains of my DNA, enriching them beyond words.

Hundreds of shops, of lights and shadows, of side streets like chests of treasures to be discovered.

And yet, I confess, nothing had me ready for this candy shop.

It was not that well lit, and I almost passed by it when something caught my attention in the sense I went closer to make sure I am seeing right.

And yes, I did, and this is what I saw.

My first thought: wow. And then silence.

See that card in the left corner? (MARZIPAN made & hand painted by Radu Solovastru).

Was looking at it speechless, admiring the incredible craftsmanship, the proportions, the finesse.

All those details made me imagine the artist , Radu Solovastru, at work, offering his time to this, one millimeter of marzipan at a time, breathing almost life to it.

For me this  is a metaphor for slowing time a little bit in this too fast and furious century .

For  accumulating  and filtering  information, and creating a solid perspective of life and of the world.

With these on mind and looking a bit further away, a new piece arises.

And I really knew that for me, this second one continued my thread of ideas.

In the way that once we have this solid set of opinions, we need to weigh when to express them, in which way, and when we should be more reserved.

Reservation not to be equaled by any kind of censure.

Not even with self censure.

But as a form, in which we , by our words, just like artists… we create moods, generate feelings, we shape the world.

Taking all in, I took these photos I showed you, and left the candy shop in the night, crossed into the new year 2020 and got back home.

Unloaded the photos, looked at them… and again: wow. And silence.

This time, a silence in which I was grateful for discovering these pieces of art and being inspired by them to feel more, enriching more my universe.

Thank you Radu Solovastru for your wonderful gift.



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