The world as a stage

There is something up in the air.

I love looking up, just like a kid in a fair: eager to find all the beauty and just relax.

To be more precise, each beginning of January hosts an exhibition of sunsets.

Fluffed up clouds painted in sophisticated nuances, juts like candy candy in summer.

Savage orange shades like shamelessly splashed from furious volcanos.

A free exhibition for us all, ultra HD, crafted by nature and offered for our indulgement.

If only people would only trade their black mirrored smartphones for  the navy deep skies.

There is something below the clouds.

I love also looking down: like being fully present and mindful.

To be just as precise, each tiny moment counts as unique, and all summed up equals our life.

The sunset is gone, the air is crisp and thin, making it’s way through my lungs in tiny needles.

Like a wake up call to pay attention. The pavement under my feet is frozen.

I look around at people passing by, like soft silhouettes melting into the night.

Snuggled into thick coats and hats, with heads bent while looking ahead and not being in the moment, maybe not even seeing me.

I can feel their breath and sighs.

It’s an exhibition the civilization puts down for us.

A contrast between fluff and cements, pastels and greys, warmth and cold, mindfulness and the lack of it.

I absolutely love both kind of shows, and trying to be present and engage you TO  BE.

Allow yourself to be amazed today, this year… always.


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