What do you see?

Food for the famished? Food for originality?

Or food for the one who indulges in beauty?

I’ve shown you this type of art in a previous post, about marzipan sculpting, and I can’t still wrap my head around it.

And yet here I found myself in front of this:

A work of beauty, mouthwatering in the same time as stimulating the juices of creativity.

Because after seeing in, I was feeling it reminded me of something.

But I found it hard to put a name to it so I let it to rest, for my subconscious to extract it and serve it to me the next day.

And it did like this.

The laced golden details and the curves remind me of the exquisite Faberge egg.

I am starring at the sculpture again and yes… it must be that.

Not a minute passes by and I lay my eyes on the red velvet the sculptures are standing on and another revelation.

They are like taken out of the glamorous interiors from king’s Louis the XIV court.

The aristocratic details of the marzipan bring back memories of long endless parties and heavy dresses of ladies layered in powder and having chocolates.

Just like the books of those days teach us when opening their covers.

If Louis would be alive today it would be his honor to host such works of art under his roof.

Ok, so a pampered Faberge with a touch of French baroque… that must be all, right?

It’s all right for some minutes when the last “feeling” came: the modern and praised Laduree macaroons.

I know, there’ s a huge way from Faberge and Louis the XIV to… macaroons.

But trust me on this: if they would be frosted and sculpted in marzipan by our artist , Radu Solovastru, they would not be only macaroons.

They would be edible little works of art.

Remember the first photo of the post, right?

Guess what now: they do really come out from a collection that incorporates Faberges.

This is what happens when an artists do the most important thing: send a clear message through their art.

Thank you for the creative moment, Radu 🙏


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