A thing at which I am terrible.

I studied it alone, it related to me and trying to have a decent relation with it.

And yet, no results so far.

I can not defeat, beat or  befriend waiting and only when thinking about it I feel this twitch.

And you know what is the strangest thing? 

I am writing this post with “waiting” being generated randomly by a soft, just in a time in my life when I am waiting for something.

Here is where I’d ask the non believers in fate “What about this coincidence? Top this one !”.

And while I was giggling inside I remembered I have the perfect photo for “waiting”.

It was taken in Sibiu, Romania, a few years ago, and even now when watching it I feel the same thing.

Admiration for the stillness, for the meticulosity and for the waiting capacity of this crafter.

He was not expecting for his creations to come out of his hands in no time, or for people to get crazy over his work.

His wise patience had me still, and I was in awe.

I was witnessing the thing I lack the most being mastered: patience.

Time has passed since then, and yet when I think of waiting patiently I recall him, and get extracted this photo from my memory.

He who mastered patience  was not a young man, so he had time to learn patience and to have her as life partner.

I will learn it too. Eventually.

It’s a pretty long journey until then, but I’m here to learn it all, not leaving and waiting.. patiently. 



  1. Beautiful description about patience. They talk about Zen masters who have infinite patience. When they are asked, they just laugh or maybe smile or even do something totally different.
    If the man or woman thinks they are just not wanting to answer the question then they are not ready for the answer.
    On a walk from Temple to Temple
    The master asks the deciple how far it is away. The deciple answers, it is far away. The master smiles. Much later the master asks the deciple how far? The deciple agitated at how long they have traveled says, I told you it is long. The master smiles and now the deciple notices this. After days they see the Temple and the master turns to the deciple but says nothing. The deciple smiles and the Master laughs.
    Heaven and earth rejoice at the single fall of a leaf and yet make no notice of the storm upon the land or sea.

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