#stayhome: Choosing Our Thoughts Wisely

Writing this as a mini series for the actual crisis we- humanity are facing.

This invisible enemy: a virus that is gradually shutting everything around us, shifting our lives.

I stay home, as you probably, hopefully, if you are allowed to.

And my number one lesson is this: watching and choosing carefully our thoughts.

This is something I practice daily, but mostly these days.

While reading a book that was adverted as a book for children I found this and I wanted to share it with you:

In our current situation we are faced with lots of information on all kind of media streams.

These will generate on our side a considerate volume of thoughts vastly unrolling. Fastly creating emotions.

It’s our duty to ourselves to choose the ones that will empower us, keep us grounded and calm.

These good thoughts are exactly like the sunlight we might miss from our staying indoors situation.

It’s a mental hygiene if you want to put it this way.

And it’s as important as washing our hands.

Because just imagine: what if we won’t get infected with the virus and instead we will be set free from our homes with a lumping mental health?

Who will put us to sleep in those anxiety haunted nights, after the pandemics end?

The negative and power suppressing thoughts are the most dangerous enemies.

We need to fill up with the good ones instead.

I live in a flat and I’m not able to indulge in a garden.

And yet I finished this book called “The Secret Garden” that brought me this year the spring that I will probably lose due to the current state of the world.

And you know what? I saw with my mind’s eye every bud, I smelled the damp soil and I heard the grass slowly growing , and the mushrooms sucking in the goodness of the spring showers.

Now what about you who might really own a garden?

Do you see how easy it is?

And it’s just an example.

We have endless possibilities to make this #stayathome period work for us and make us stronger: in our love, presence, kindness, on our human side.

Do choose wisely: whom you talk to, what you read, what shows you watch.

Until next time, please #stayhome and stay safe: both physically and mentally.


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