#stayhome: Let’s Have Coffee Together

Good morning!

Nice having you drinking your coffee with me.

Due to this lockdown we can finally sip it slowly.

From different parts of the world we are here in this moment in time  and that brings gratitude to my day already.

Close your eyes for me and smell your coffee, almost like counting the beans that were roasted specially for this story to be told.

We have all the time in the world, and we can enjoy this simple act.

I like having cappuccinos in the morning on  days when I’m staying home.

Otherwise I’m the espresso type of person.

I fell in love with coffee during the holidays I spent in Italy a few years ago. And ever since I praise her daily.

How do you like taking yours? 

Tell me what is coffee for you, what memories  it unravels for you.

This is one of the simple joys many of us can access daily, from the comfort of our own homes.

Now we can experiment with it even, perfect it, or simply give it the proper attention and respect.

If it makes us feeling great, then we should keep brewing it, drinking it, get dizzy by it’s hot steams.

I can feel the foam of my cappuccino enveloping my upper lip and I smile.

I remember my childhood when I had those silly moustaches from warm  milk.

Did you had those too? 

See? For me coffee is pure joy: it takes me back to my childhood, then to my Italy trips, then next to my family in the sunny countryside.

I’m never locked down, and neither are you.

There are no locks for our minds and imagination.

Tell me… your coffee now  with your eyes closed… where does it take you today?

I’m inviting you all in this journey.

Thank you for being here today, and please keep safe and #stayhome if you can.


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