#stayhome: There Is No Lockdown for the Mind

As the quarantine continues, I find that time is the one resource I have.

I’m using this time and not letting it using me instead.

I enrolled in some very interesting online courses about photography and one of it was from the Professional Photographers from America.

And while attending it, I found this slide in their course that resonated deeply with me and with our current surroundings.


Isn’t it fascinating how we are almost like introduced to some materials and piece of knowledge just in the right moment?

This course, besides its main purpose, pointed me that we are in this journey called life, and that this strange time we are experiencing is just a chapter.

We have now the time we always complained that we missed.

Now we have it.

Time to look around ourselves, and within ourselves.

We have the time to praise our qualities and acknowledge our faults and shortages.

Browsing the pages of history we are shown that this kind of event happens almost periodically, in general once in a lifetime.

Now is our “once in a lifetime” when… the world slowed down to the point of stopping.

This is our time: to add what the course called “layers” to ourselves.

To find if we didn’t already what our passion are and to cultivate them, and work i our dreams .

Last week I realised that there is no lockdown for mind.

We are in the comfort of our own homes with so many possibilities at hand.

And with so much time.

Each of us being here have the Internet and that.. brings the world at our feet…

It’s up to us what we will do with it.. if we will invest it in our growth or not.

We can come out of this more rested, more educated, more grown up, and more kind.

Do not listen to the one telling you he/ she got bored… there isn’t enough lifetime available for us to read all the books in the world and transforming them into thin layers in our self education.

Now, please think over this , stay home if your circumstances allow you to, and let’s work on ourselves.

Until next time.. be safe.


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