Let’s not run out of hope

If you wonder what this photo has to do with hope please keep on reading.

Lately I’ve been diving more than ever in self educational materials, and being very careful to what exactly I choose to consume.

Starting from what I watch, the social media , the readings, all to the most important of all:  people.

And here you and I are virtually  in the same boat, although physically there might be thousands of miles between us.

This boat we are in is made of the people from our lives.

And what is even more interesting is the “baggage” they bring on deck.

And by baggage I mean: the emotions, the ideas, the moods, the ambitions.

Long story short: what defines us as human beings.

And here my darling reader among these I found the priceless one: hope.

There are those who can nourish our hopes (the realistic way), and the other ones who destroy  it. 

These are the ones that risk to sink our metaphorical boat.

I am not trying to understand the “whys” behind people’s actions too much.

What I  am trying is to protect myself from the last category, and to encourage all of us is doing the same.

Protecting our hope, cherish it , nourish it, and something will definitely come out if we persevere.

Let’s be  mindful regarding  people to set  set and keep boundaries , and our hope safe behind them.

The world is running of it these days.

The roses from the photo.. in their DNA they hope that one day they will grow up high, in a free garden, and yet with boundaries to keep them safe.

My mom received the little pot with them a few days ago and she already decided that in a few more days she will move them in the garden.

See? Roses didn’t lose  hope, and it pays back.

How about your hopes? Are you honouring them?



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