What are we doing with the time we save?

We are sharing the same speed, the same rush through time.

But what do we do with time we manage to “save”?

Probably you’re like us people in general, for:

  1. microwaving the food
  2. taking the personal  car instead of using the public transport to work
  3. leaving home earlier in order  to avoid the rush hour, and have some time until phones ring
  4. doing laundry in washing  the machine
  5. toasting bread in a toaster
  6. not having to iron clothes
  7. downloading  books from  internet instead of going to a library
  8. online shopping instead window shopping for hours
  9. cleaning the windows with a window vacuum
  10. dictating voice messages and notes

And if you are, and spare some time, do you do the below corresponding to the above?

  1. pour yourself a nice glass of wine?
  2. enjoy home in peace because hey, you will be on time?
  3. listen to a podcast for your deepest passion, so to nurture your soul?
  4. write down your dreams and plan how to act upon them?
  5. take a deep breath in when the toast is almost ready for your ready to spread butter?
  6. spend that time in tidying up your dressing in a more minimalist manner?
  7. read more? Really: the read volume could be doubled up! Yay!
  8. go for a nice walk in nature and pray to find some freshly cut grass?
  9. dance around your home in pure joy?
  10. water the plants you own and that are worshiping you?

My point is this: it doesn’t matter if we save time if we  let it slip between our fingers.

And by fingers: mindless web browsing, tv and binge watching things, gossiping, non stop social media networking.

The time we save is just like the plant we watered at point 10.

We can use it to enrich us daily, to keep us green and growing.

How are you using the time you save?


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