Eating in Sinaia: Carol Gastro Bierhaus Restaurant

It’s mind blowing how amazing places are so well “hidden” in plain sight.

Visited Sinaia so many times and yet never this location.

Located on the cobbled streets at a couple of steps from Pelisor Castle and 10 min away from Peles Castle :

I must admit then I didn’t exactly ran into it by chance, but I did a bit of research on Tripadvisor, and it got me.

Once I got there I understood why: the location, the personnel, the food, the ambient … are so cozy and magnetic.

I’ll reverse a bit the order of what was at the table because look…

Apple strudel with vanilla sauce

Ordered the apple strudel powdered with sugar, and floating on a velvety vanilla sauce, with chocolate sprinkles.

While waiting for it, I heard two ladies from a nearby table telling  the waiter  they came exactly for the same strudel.

And if the strudel may appear too creamy for your taste, the guys from Carol get us covered.

Green Apple cocktail
Aperol Spritz

For the nice… the non alcoholic Green apple cocktail, and for the naughty a fizzy Aperol Spritz.

Tell me how much your mood changed now,  because I sense even a smile on your face.

I am a person with a constant sweet tooth but what about when we visited for hunger?

We ordered from pumpkin cream soup with ginger, caesar salad and “my duck “.

Duck confit, mashed potatoes, red cabbage

My duck was accompanied by mashed potatoes and red cabbage.. which I general don’t like.

And yet, this red cabbage was amazing, tasting  a drop of white wine in it somehow.

The duck confit cooked to perfection made this dish one to repeat when visiting again.

And if the meal was rich I got it covered again, because I ordered a margarita, to close the night majestically.


The sourness of the lime  and the fire of the tequila gave such a twist and a burst of energy.

Trust me when I tell you that both visits were beautiful and we felt very pampered, and now we discovered Carol, it’s our favourite place to eat in Sinaia.

Do you know Sinaia, and if you do where do you like to eat?

And most of all.. when will you visit Carol Gastro Bierhaus?


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