Saying “no” to weekend getaways and “yes” to weekend refills

I recently had one of these and had a revelation.

Really, why is a weekend spent outside the home called a “getaway”?

Is a getaway a break? 

And if it is, have you wondered what are we getting away from?

If the answer is: worries, work, debts, noise, some people.. then we are trying to “getaway” and break  from life itself.

Pretty scary, right?

I named my weekend in the mountains: a refill.

And this is  how I am going to name all the weekends I will spend outside my home.

My idea of refilling can be sumaryzed like this:

  • Spending time with the loved ones, because weekdays are pretty crowded 
  • Waking up to a nice coffee and hearty breakfast
  • Walking, photographing, seeing the “unseen”
  • Noticing people in all their beautiful diversity and photographing them too
  • Feeling the body stretching in the goodness of no stress 
  • Not looking at the watch
  • Light conversations with not as much interest in talking but in really listening to people
  • Enjoying and experimenting  delicious meals without rush 
  • Downloading the photos and sketching ideas about new blogpost  on my phone
  • Falling asleep with a heart filled of peace

Now, think about how many more  you can add up on your own to my list.

It’s a matter of perspective you see.

Because if we perceive them as refill we  will refill our batteries and will start new weeks full of energy .

If we perceive them as getaways guess what will happen: we will eventually return from what we got away.

And  we’ll be starting new weeks with low energy batteries.

Lets choose the refill, and not the handicap of a getaway.

So, how will you treat them from now on?


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