What’s out there?

Have you ever wondered what’s out there?

Out of your current job if having one, and to go deeper if you’ve got one for years and years.

I did, always. When listening to this and that, about their struggles in getting a new one, the interviews, the waiting, the nerves.

I am an empath so I thought I had it pretty figured out how they might have felt until now.

Now when  I am for the first time in years in .. those shoes.

To put it poetically “seasons have changed” a lot since I’ve last been here.

So out there is now right here, with me in the  middle.

I have no idea when I’ll upload this piece but in the moment of writing it I am waiting for the final result.

After many talks and tests, here I am.

Hoping for a yes, but if a no strikes I know that this wasn’t the road I should have walked with these new shoes.

Out there.. in here.. companies are being very picky, very to the point, knowing exactly what they’re after.

I don’t know about you in this case if you somehow wondered how competition in doing.

I confess I didn’t even consider it until now, when waters have calmed down.

When I initially wrote this piece it was a warm night, with the summer wind blowing my curtains and slowly cooling me down, like in an attempt to reassure me that no matter what I AM OK.

After a mental analyse about what went well and what I could improve for the future, I was  grateful for myself.

I’ve seen that I’m constructive, optimist, friendly, punctual and a real shoulder to count on.

These my friends are mine, no matter the jobs I may or might not attain in this life.

These are what I’m made of and I’m proud for my journey so far.

Maybe I will share in a new post some interview “tips” that I haven’t found anywhere but which made the difference for me.

What do you think about that?

PS: now I’m writing this knowing I’ve got the job 🙂



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