Halloween: yay or nay?

Trick or treat?

Or to ask you the right question: are you into Halloween?

I was not not until this year, not sure I am though, but it all started as a result of little bits and pieces adding up.

A rain damp day that kept us in, a pumpkin I had bought for a cream soup, some anise seeds to spice my coffee, and a lot of creative mood.

No, I did not carve the pumpkin, but I absolutely love the result.

How can such a funny head wake up that inner authentic joy of a child?

I can say this: committed to buy two pumpkins for next year only for carving, and lighting them up at night.

The inner child deserved indulging in that, that’s for sure, and I have Halloween to thank for this reminder.

And now that this happened, a nice coffee with cocoa sprinkles and anise seeds saw the light of dusk.

And like that, shot after shot, time flew by, in such an amazing mood.

I welcome the indoors season that just started, and I think Halloween was the “gate opener” this year, so thanking for that too.

Not treating or tricking, but enjoying it lots.

How about you? Halloween- ing or not?


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