The coziness of fall

Outside: an autumn evening with wind chasing the fallen chestnuts away.

Inside: a porcelain doll, November roses, a ripen pumpkin and an apple waiting to be bitten at once.

A cozy corner I created in the living room while having in mind the cold season that’s about to get start.

Some call it hygge, some call it coziness, I don’t call it but I feel it like a need for snuggling in.

I don’t know if in your part of the world daylight saving is a thing, but in my side of Europe, we switched to the winter hour for almost a week now.

That means we gain an extra hour of daylight but evening comes faster.

So fast that at it’s peak it’s pitch black around 4 pm.

And here is where people divide: the ones that can’t stand it, but they deal with it and people that love it.

Like me.

It’s like magic somehow, because I am inside faster and I have time to indulge in simple, yet soul comforting activities.

Like carving the pumpkin from the photo in order to make a spicy soup from it, brewing tea and writing these pieces for the blog, reading as much as possible from my to-read-list, checking inspiration on PInterst boards for my winter photography, long pampering bath sessions.

And trust me the list continues and I do not have the chance to get bored with it until guess what: the day grows longer again.

So “‘tis my season” to indulge the senses and the creative part of me.

To show off all my pumpkins, make endless batches of home made hot chocolate, roast carrots and mushrooms, sip the fresh wine of this year vineyard harvest and simply enjoy life.

How about your plans for this period of year?


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