Blending in or standing out?

I came across this idea through my readings and I found it so mazing that I wanted to share it with you.

Just think about it for a second, because  this might apply to most of us:

  • As children we probably  wanted to perfectly blend in, so perfectly that no one spot our errors
  • As teenagers we broke the “shell” and we were standing out in order to show off our uniqueness 

Now  we became adults and the uniqueness is mostly forgotten when regular jobs pay the bills, when some become parents too.

These ones of us are the one who blend in again, and although mature they refuse themselves the capacity to stand out.

In the grown up version. Like a “Stand out 2.0”

The difference between now and the time when they were kids is that now they should have more.

Experience, self awareness, self confidence, determination, passion.

This standing out applies  from the most trivial aspects of life like appearance to the beliefs we have, the people we choose around us.

From my own life, two examples from both categories:

I like bold colours, especially red. 

So,this  year I dared buying a bold pair of red spots shoes.

Each time I look at them I envision my self confidence, a reminder of the  love I have for myself and a projection the artistic side of my personality shining through.

I like people. A lot. 

Because we are so different and intriguing.

And from this reason starting this year I have decided  for myself to better choose my “crowd” whenever possible.

And yes, it works, and when choosing: I run away from gossiping people, negative vibe people.

You got it: I prefer a smaller crowd, but an honest one, positive one, with open minds.

Because every time I look at the people I am sharing my time with I see and must see myself.

I am standing out both these times: whenever wearing my red shoes, or when being the weird that spends the lunch breaks reading or listening to a podcast.

And guess what: it’ s amazing. 

Because I’m being myself in all my”shades”.

When standing out as an adult our personality stands out  and it makes us complete, whole, unashamed.

I’d love hearing about you.

Are you blending in or standing out?

What are your motivations? Please share your wisdom to the world.


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