Do you have a January mug?

What is it about this “new year new me”,  or “new year same me” thing this year?

More than in the last years at least?

Has the pandemic stroke some strings in some hearts, or do the owners of those hearts feel they need to reinvent somehow? 

Themselves or at least the social media posts.

Don’t get me wrong, I do believe there are some genuine people out there that for real feel renewed if not motivated by the new year.

But… while so many are busy with that I am busy with my January mug.

To be honest, I saw it on a writing prompt list and it sparkled in my mind.

So, with the best coffee ever, in a damp and cold January evening.

Let me tell you with what  I have enchanted my mug:

  • hopes
  • positivity
  • creativity
  • thirst for good people and good stories
  • an eye for beauty

This is my January mug, and I am sipping everything from it til the very last drop, so it suffices me all year long.

And if I somehow I feel it doesn’t… I will make it my February month and so on.

How about you?

How are you in this new beginning, what are the special ingredients from your mug?


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